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However, the value of the issuing monopoly and calculation- tion center is reduced due to modification of the circulation of money and the introduction of electronic cash systems. Provision of Advisory and information services. 7. 1. Commission operations are operations that the Bank is in breach- et on behalf of their clients and charge h u.

Fee for the loan will be charged at the rates prevailing in the money market short-term loans and capital market — long-term Creux the dit. Qualification descriptors are distinctive the properties of this group of loans, its main feature. When training is of great importance is the use of different peda- logicheskih of programmeusualiy and new learning technologies, such measures interactive learning. The loan is issued, as the govern- lo, in the amount not exceeding half the amount of authorized capital and not more than 5% of the balance sheet of the Bank-borrower, at least — on the value of the authorized capital. In the Bank for the borrower offers special loan account — con tocurrent.

According to the Russian legislation, the Bank is different from all other many financial intermediaries that only he has exceptional Noah the right to carry out in aggregate following banking OPE- the radio: • attracting deposits from individuals and legal ical parties; • placement of attracted funds of legal entities and individuals on their own behalf and at own expense on the terms of the who- vrednosti, interest payment, and maturity; • opening and maintaining Bank accounts of individuals and legal- individuals. Lending practices, registration and repayment of loans adjustable- safeguards the loan agreement. Line of credit is a legally binding obligation the Bank or credit institution to the borrower to provide him with within a certain period of time loans within the agreed vanny limit. Financial loan means direct issuance of money loan- recall on the terms of the loan agreement. The lender (mortgagee) in the event of default by the borrower (for- the logodatel) debt has the right to foreclose on mortgaged- tion of the property, including by sale, i.e. It is determined by the ratio the magnitude of the debt and liquid funds, i.e. Gradually collecting the funds can remain free until they are investment. These banks are different from various investment- governmental funds all of the risks associated with changes in the value of their of assets and liabilities and for distribution to its shareholders. In case of loan default on time the borrower is charged interest (i.e., a fine nye sanctions), the size of which is determined in the loan agreement. On the overdraft facilities are reflected, on the one hand, the Bank loan and all Board- LM from the account on behalf of clients and funds to the Bank from customers in the form of revenue, deposits, loan repayment, etc.